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Kally seems awful curious about what Sasha is packing. Maybe she wants to slip along to?

This is, of course, the other downside of packing. When you pack so much of a particular clothing item that you’re hard-pressed to find something reasonable to wear the next day.

Or maybe this is just a problem I have.


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I tend to pack a few too many outfits when I go on vacation. Usually an extra set of ‘nice’ clothes that I’m totally going to wear to dinner but then no, I don’t; or extra sets of shirts that I don’t end up wearing after all.

Sasha seems to be taking this to a bit of an extreme though.


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My husband’s Uncle lived in Italy at the time of writing this and (obviously) inspired the idea for this particular comic. We never did visit them while they lived there (turns out it’s hard to do that when in college and not making lots of money. Or maybe we’re just cheap and terrified of traveling to foreign parts because who would do the speaking in a foreign language? WHO?)

(Answer: No one.)

Now they live in Hawaii. We did visit them there. I now know why Hawaii is the stereotypical vacation destination — it is┬áreally nice there.


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It was around this time that my editor told me to stop with the fourth wall breaking and get on with the real jokes. Whoops.

Fortunately I was about done with the series anyway, but I did try to end it rather quick and get back to making jokes about the school and weather (the default topics for any slice of life school paper comic).

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