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The board game HeroQuest, which is vaguely a dungeon crawl board game, has an action to search for treasure. Usually there isn’t any, which leads to a random card drawn, which usually turns out to be a powerful wandering monster.

But that doesn’t stop anyone from constantly searching.


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Pokemon TCG — the gateway card game. First you start playing Pokemon, then you move onto Magic… and then you never stop playing Magic.

(Actually, I never really got into Magic myself, but I did start playing a lot of the World of Warcraft TCG later, so maybe that’s related).


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Liking games is a good reason to go to a gaming convention, though not required.

Back in the day, the ‘coolest’ game was the Pokemon Trading Card Game (which is pretty much a simplified version of Magic). I played a lot of it, so much that me, my husband-to-be, and my friend would have our parents take us to the Toys-R-Us to play in the Pokemon League. We did that for quite some time until the store discontinued the Pokemon League for the Yu-Gi-Oh card game league. I never got into Yu-Gi-Oh, so it was rather sad that there was no more Pokemon there.

I tell you this just in case you’re wondering why Yu-Gi-Oh is branded as evil in this comic. >_>


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The link for Concinnity in the comic is no longer valid. Their current website seems to be, if you’re interested. Maybe I’ll update the link the comic…

One of my friends went to MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) and helped run Concinnity at this point of time. I thought I’d help her out by mentioning it in the comic a few times (and make some jokes out of it as well).


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Atta girl, Kally.

Though seriously; there have been several winters where if you stayed up around Wisconsin for Spring Break it still felt like Winter Break. Just last year we were having snows until April. April! It didn’t even look like Spring until mid-May and by then Summer was just about ready to start.


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Kally seems awful curious about what Sasha is packing. Maybe she wants to slip along to?

This is, of course, the other downside of packing. When you pack so much of a particular clothing item that you’re hard-pressed to find something reasonable to wear the next day.

Or maybe this is just a problem I have.

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