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Dawn Of A New Era

Dawn Of A New Era published on No Comments on Dawn Of A New Era

Exciting news – all of the comics published from this point forward have never been seen before! The first 1020 or so comics were seen in local college papers, before about half of the comics were cancelled (unbeknownst to the artists, but I digress). Everything from 1021 onward will be brand new!

The first five of the new set I had actually drawn before we knew that the newspaper no longer needed comics; these will be shown here starting August 14th. After that? I need to start drawing comics again! (What, did you think I’d take the past 5 years to draw up an archive of comics? I think not!)

I’ll be setting the schedule to Tuesday/Thursday, until I can get a hang of producing comics again. Or until I run out and then I forget to draw more. Either or.

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