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0296 published on No Comments on 0296

Mid-March? Oh, just you wait for the endless winters that last until mid-April, or into May! Then you will regret living up north.

That is, until you get a nice, mild temperature summer while everyone to the south suffers in 100+ degree heat. Bleh.

EDIT 12/18: Whoops, looks like this one was scheduled but never got posted! Silly me. Hopefully you’ll see it now. :)


0269 published on No Comments on 0269

It’s Random Doodles’ second color comic! At this point, the color comics in The Badger Herald were a different format, as there were less of them. I think I was put onto a rotation with a few other comics, so I didn’t draw a color comic every week for awhile. The color comics were on a Thursday, so my usual schedule was Monday-Wednesday and Friday. A┬álot of storylines were in three-comic segments.

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