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A double panel and a new character? Will wonders never cease? I was actually lucky enough to get the full double panel printed in the Badger Herald. They had space from being short a comic or two, or something. Or my editor just made room for it. The shortened version was just the lower half, but… Continue reading 0104


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Yes, I did indeed have a “document imaging” internship over one summer. I had gotten the job through an internship community that would find tech-related jobs for minorities in the field, and I had wanted to stay closer to home so this job it was. When they were first describing the job it sounded pretty… Continue reading 0110


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Nope, definitely does not count. Unless she got a work visa or something. (Spoiler alert: She didn’t. All vacation, all the time). Reading these strip numbers that only have 0’s and 1’s reminds me of binary numbers. In the binary numbering system, this would only be comic number 7.


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My professor for my this particular class definitely told this joke. He had quite a few bad ones lined up from lectures that I definitely put into comic form. He was a good guy, that professor. Not that I remember what class it was. >_> Had something to do with magnetic fields, though. Here’s the… Continue reading 0113