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My professor for my this particular class definitely told this joke. He had quite a few bad ones lined up from lectures that I definitely put into comic form. He was a good guy, that professor. Not that I remember what class it was. >_> Had something to do with magnetic fields, though. Here’s the… Continue reading 0113


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This is another line from a professor, but not the professor from yesterday’s comic or the day before’s. This was, most likely, my least favorite professor, most likely because I got my worst grade in college from his course (a C. I know. Very traumatizing). He started his class by saying that he didn’t care… Continue reading 0115


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Much like comic 257, this was another one I had found just a sketch in a photoshop file. I completed it just recently – which makes me wonder why I colored in the middle panel instead of changing the background. … And maybe there was a reason it hadn’t been inked. … Welp! Here’s the… Continue reading 0261