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This, technically, is the first Random Doodles comic.Way back in my first semester at UW-Madison (in 2004 — let me take a minute to feel old here…), I sketched a silly little comic in my CS302 class. A nearby friend said it looked good and that I should totally draw comics for one of the… Continue reading 0003


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Back when I had my comics published in The Daily Cardinal, a friend of mine from high school had been drawing a comic in the same paper. I had suggested we do a comic where his comic prank calls my comic. Unfortunately, due the Cardinal’s ‘random schedule for not regular comics’ mine was never published.… Continue reading 0007


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That’s an actual quote from a professor, by the way. Fun story: Back in high school, one of my history teachers would talk about the cold war and would actually refer to Russians as ‘Red Commie B*******’ in class, mostly in jest. Her defense — people actually called them that during the time period, so… Continue reading 0009