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0257 published on No Comments on 0257

When I was going through my archives to get these published, I noticed I was missing not one but two comics in this set. “This is it,” I thought. “I finally mis-numbered my comics and all the rest of the numbers are off by 2. I’m a sham!”

But before giving into my despair, I searched for the two numbers (257 and 261, if you’re curious), and I found the single photoshop file for each one of them. I went and checked them out and found the comics in their scanned form, with just sketches. I’m not sure if I ever inked them; maybe I needed to draw less comics those weeks so I just dropped them, or maybe I inked them and then somehow didn’t save them.

Either way, I decided not to waste the found files and went ahead to ink, add text, and color those lost comics. So you may notice today’s comic looks a little different than the ones before and after, but hopefully close enough.

And for funsies, below is the sketched comic I had found:


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