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The Comic

Random Doodles is about a group of college students and the oft humorous situations they find themselves in.

In existence since early 2005, the majority of Random Doodles was published by UW-Madison’s student newspaper The Badger Herald.

The Author

Erica Loppnow is a Software Engineer who also happens to draw comics. She is the writer and artist for Random Doodles.

She enjoys drawing, playing World of Warcraft & other time-sucking games, and procrastinating.


All content on this website, unless otherwise stated, is Copyright 2005-2017 Erica Loppnow (aka RandomDoodles).


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After 7+ years of procrastinating, hemming, hawing, and more procrastinating, Random Doodles is finally getting a (hopefully) permanent home on the internet. And behold — this is the first comic! Yey.

These early comics were drawn during the winter/spring of 2005, and unlike the vast majority of Random Doodles, were published in UW-Madison’s other student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal. At the time, I had thought their comic section to be superior to the offering at The Badger Herald (but how quickly that would change), so I submitted my work to be shown on a ‘rotating schedule’ which really meant ‘random and not-guaranteed’.

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