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Those constant narrator boxes reminding us they are in the online game don’t seem necessary now. At the time of drawing these, my comics were not always day after day, so I didn’t really trust my (small) audience to remember what was going on.


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Skimpy outfits like “Platekinis” happen fairly often in MMOs (Platekini-type armor in particular is known for looking ‘normal’ for male characters and suddenly become a literal breast plate for women.)

I was thinking of Guild Wars when drawing this particular comic, as I recall the enchantress outfits in that game were definitely light on the coverage for the ladies. Though Guild Wars is definitely not the worse offender in this category.

Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri

Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri published on 2 Comments on Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri

I’m changing the posting schedule to be Monday through Friday for the foreseeable future. Since there are over 1000 comics for me to get onto this website, I figured I should increase the posting rate! This should still give me enough time to crop and otherwise prepare my comics for the web as well.

So stay tuned for updates at around midnight every weeknight!

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