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This, technically, is the first Random Doodles comic.Way back in my first semester at UW-Madison (in 2004 — let me take a minute to feel old here…), I sketched a silly little comic in my CS302 class. A nearby friend said it looked good and that I should totally draw comics for one of the student newspapers. I filed that idea away for later. Eventually, when I did finally decide to start drawing comics, I redrew this one as my leading candidate. But first I felt I should introduce those characters there doing the talking, hence the previous two comics. :)

As for the joke itself, the UW-Madison campus had a free bus route (the 80, at the time) that would go between Union South and Memorial Union (and I think the UW-Hospital too). It would get especially crowded during the winter months as people would try to avoid the cold (which I assume would be annoying for people who had more legitimate reasons for riding the bus, as opposed to traveling for 2 blocks and getting off).

Either way, the buses have a screen on the front and side telling everyone the destinations. Sometimes drivers put in non-route related phrases, like ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Go Packers’, into the rotation. The comic just takes that idea a little further… :)

And So It Begins…

And So It Begins… published on No Comments on And So It Begins…

As hinted in the post for the first comic, this is (hopefully) Random Doodles’ new permanent home! I know I’ve briefly tried to pull together a website for the comic in the past, but I suppose I would too busy (playing World of Warcraft) to follow through.

With Random Doodles having over 1000 comics (!) it’s going to take awhile to get them all up here. Right now I plan on updating the site with new comics every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until I get the site working (and looking) like I want it to. Once that’s done, I can step up the web preparations of the comics and hopefully update every day of the week until the backlog is caught up with the present!

But in the meantime, the site will likely not look pretty. At all. While I’m pretty good at coding Java, I’m not so good at editing CSS styles, or design in general (wait why am I drawing a comic again?). So the website will look like a trainwreck until I straighten out the theme.

On that note — anyone familiar with working with Inkblot? :)



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After 7+ years of procrastinating, hemming, hawing, and more procrastinating, Random Doodles is finally getting a (hopefully) permanent home on the internet. And behold — this is the first comic! Yey.

These early comics were drawn during the winter/spring of 2005, and unlike the vast majority of Random Doodles, were published in UW-Madison’s other student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal. At the time, I had thought their comic section to be superior to the offering at The Badger Herald (but how quickly that would change), so I submitted my work to be shown on a ‘rotating schedule’ which really meant ‘random and not-guaranteed’.

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