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Dawn Of A New Era

Dawn Of A New Era published on No Comments on Dawn Of A New Era

Exciting news – all of the comics published from this point forward have never been seen before! The first 1020 or so comics were seen in local college papers, before about half of the comics were cancelled (unbeknownst to the artists, but I digress). Everything from 1021 onward will be brand new!

The first five of the new set I had actually drawn before we knew that the newspaper no longer needed comics; these will be shown here starting August 14th. After that? I need to start drawing comics again! (What, did you think I’d take the past 5 years to draw up an archive of comics? I think not!)

I’ll be setting the schedule to Tuesday/Thursday, until I can get a hang of producing comics again. Or until I run out and then I forget to draw more. Either or.

We’re back! Again!

We’re back! Again! published on No Comments on We’re back! Again!

New comics will resume on Monday!

That holiday break took a lot longer than I anticipated. The WordPress plugin I use – Webcomic – had an upgrade that required PHP 7, which my webhost does not have. It took me much longer than it should have to undo that upgrade and get the comics set up again. I may be looking to see if I can transfer to a different comic system that still meets my needs wants.

I’ll be posting on a M-W-F schedule as I get back into the swing of actually posting comics again. The end of the backlog is in sight, so maybe sometime this year I’ll be drawing new things. Which means more delays, obviously, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

How you doin’?

How you doin’? published on 3 Comments on How you doin’?

I’m doin’ great, thanks for asking, except that I forgot to upload a new batch of comics. Knowing me, I’ll forget to upload them for a couple of days yet. Hopefully sooner, though!

Speaking of uploading batches of comics, we’re approaching the end of my Random Doodles archive. By my recollection, there’s about 3-4 months of old material before we get back into *gasp* new stuff. This means that soon I’ll have to start writing and drawing comics again. We’ll see how that affects how often I update. :)

Now Updating Every Day!

Now Updating Every Day! published on 4 Comments on Now Updating Every Day!

So you (single reader) may have noticed I stopped updating for about a month. This was mostly due to laziness. Whoops.

In an attempt to kick myself into gear, I’m going to increase updates to every day! The extra comics on the weekend will help catch up for the missing ones. Everyone wins!

What happened to Wednesday comics?

What happened to Wednesday comics? published on No Comments on What happened to Wednesday comics?

Some of you may have noticed that comics on Wednesday stopped posting. I, obviously, did not — until today, that is, when I wondered where the comic that should have been posted had gotten to.

It turns out it never was posted, due to a misclick when I was generating the latest schedule for the backlog of comics that I was definitely not putting together at the last minute.

I’ve now posted the comic that would’ve gone up today, and updated the remaining comics in the backlog to update every weekday. (It made me a little sad to see the last date of the buffer go from June 29th to June 18th, but that is the price one pays for near-daily comics). Of course, since I mucked with the schedule manually, there may be some issues, but I’m fairly certain everything is in order.

Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri

Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri published on 2 Comments on Schedule Change! Now Updating Mon-Fri

I’m changing the posting schedule to be Monday through Friday for the foreseeable future. Since there are over 1000 comics for me to get onto this website, I figured I should increase the posting rate! This should still give me enough time to crop and otherwise prepare my comics for the web as well.

So stay tuned for updates at around midnight every weeknight!

And So It Begins…

And So It Begins… published on No Comments on And So It Begins…

As hinted in the post for the first comic, this is (hopefully) Random Doodles’ new permanent home! I know I’ve briefly tried to pull together a website for the comic in the past, but I suppose I would too busy (playing World of Warcraft) to follow through.

With Random Doodles having over 1000 comics (!) it’s going to take awhile to get them all up here. Right now I plan on updating the site with new comics every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until I get the site working (and looking) like I want it to. Once that’s done, I can step up the web preparations of the comics and hopefully update every day of the week until the backlog is caught up with the present!

But in the meantime, the site will likely not look pretty. At all. While I’m pretty good at coding Java, I’m not so good at editing CSS styles, or design in general (wait why am I drawing a comic again?). So the website will look like a trainwreck until I straighten out the theme.

On that note — anyone familiar with working with Inkblot? :)


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