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What happened to Wednesday comics?

What happened to Wednesday comics? published on No Comments on What happened to Wednesday comics?

Some of you may have noticed that comics on Wednesday stopped posting. I, obviously, did not — until today, that is, when I wondered where the comic that should have been posted had gotten to.

It turns out it never was posted, due to a misclick when I was generating the latest schedule for the backlog of comics that I was definitely not putting together at the last minute.

I’ve now posted the comic that would’ve gone up today, and updated the remaining comics in the backlog to update every weekday. (It made me a little sad to see the last date of the buffer go from June 29th to June 18th, but that is the price one pays for near-daily comics). Of course, since I mucked with the schedule manually, there may be some issues, but I’m fairly certain everything is in order.

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