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We’re back! Again!

We’re back! Again! published on No Comments on We’re back! Again!

New comics will resume on Monday!

That holiday break took a lot longer than I anticipated. The WordPress plugin I use – Webcomic – had an upgrade that required PHP 7, which my webhost does not have. It took me much longer than it should have to undo that upgrade and get the comics set up again. I may be looking to see if I can transfer to a different comic system that still meets my needs wants.

I’ll be posting on a M-W-F schedule as I get back into the swing of actually posting comics again. The end of the backlog is in sight, so maybe sometime this year I’ll be drawing new things. Which means more delays, obviously, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Now Updating Every Day!

Now Updating Every Day! published on 4 Comments on Now Updating Every Day!

So you (single reader) may have noticed I stopped updating for about a month. This was mostly due to laziness. Whoops.

In an attempt to kick myself into gear, I’m going to increase updates to every day! The extra comics on the weekend will help catch up for the missing ones. Everyone wins!

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