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Atta girl, Kally.

Though seriously; there have been¬†several winters where if you stayed up around Wisconsin for Spring Break it still felt like Winter Break. Just last year we were having snows until April. April! It didn’t even look like Spring until mid-May and by then Summer was just about ready to start.


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Kally seems awful curious about what Sasha is packing. Maybe she wants to slip along to?

This is, of course, the other downside of packing. When you pack so much of a particular clothing item that you’re hard-pressed to find something reasonable to wear the next day.

Or maybe this is just a problem I have.


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I tend to pack a few too many outfits when I go on vacation. Usually an extra set of ‘nice’ clothes that I’m totally going to wear to dinner but then no, I don’t; or extra sets of shirts that I don’t end up wearing after all.

Sasha seems to be taking this to a bit of an extreme though.

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