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This is another line from a professor, but not the professor from yesterday’s comic or the day before’s. This was, most likely, my least favorite professor, most likely because I got my worst grade in college from his course (a C. I know. Very traumatizing). He started his class by saying that he didn’t care if any of us complained about him or didn’t learn because he had tenure so it didn’t matter. I don’t think that was a joke, either. A great way to start off a course.

Which probably explains why he didn’t remember how to do a problem that he had assigned in the homework. >_> And the rest of his statement was funny in a haha terrifying way. XD


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My professor for my this particular class definitely told this joke. He had quite a few bad ones lined up from lectures that I definitely put into comic form. He was a good guy, that professor.

Not that I remember what class it was. >_> Had something to do with magnetic fields, though. Here’s the Wikipedia article on dot products, in case you’re interested.

And conveniently, with Abby having a physics major, I felt that she would more likely be in the same math-type classes as Sasha was. As if it was planned that way or something.


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In the background of this comic, I drew one of my friends, Brittany, as I needed a few extra people in this comic (just ignore those wide open spaces…). She’s the one with both of her hands propping up her chin in the back there. Shame on you for sleeping, Britt!

The other girl in the front row is the same one from number 35.


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I’m glad this comic is number 42, because it’s one of my favorite ones. This was indeed thought up during physics class.

Here is the wikipedia article on magnetic momentsI is the typical symbol used to represent current.

And here is a link to the song “This Magic Moment“. I miss listening to oldie stations, there aren’t any good ones up here.

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