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The board game HeroQuest, which is vaguely a dungeon crawl board game, has an action to search for treasure. Usually there isn’t any, which leads to a random card drawn, which usually turns out to be a powerful wandering monster.

But that doesn’t stop anyone fromĀ constantly searching.


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Pokemon TCG — the gateway card game. First you start playing Pokemon, then you move onto Magic… and then you never stop playing Magic.

(Actually, I never really got into Magic myself, but I did start playing a lot of the World of Warcraft TCG later, so maybe that’s related).


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Liking games is a good reason to go to a gaming convention, though not required.

Back in the day, the ‘coolest’ game was the Pokemon Trading Card Game (which is pretty much a simplified version of Magic). I played a lot of it, so much that me, my husband-to-be, and my friend would have our parents take us to the Toys-R-Us to play in the Pokemon League. We did that for quite some time until the store discontinued the Pokemon League for the Yu-Gi-Oh card game league. I never got into Yu-Gi-Oh, so it was rather sad that there was no more Pokemon there.

I tell you thisĀ just in case you’re wondering why Yu-Gi-Oh is branded as evil in this comic. >_>

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